The "Ink Bomb For Data"

eXate unlocks the value in your data by allowing you to share it safely, because data privacy is at the heart of everything we do


Our Technology


Centralise data policy management


Protect data at the point of entry and keep it protected until needed


A real-time audit of who is accessing/attempting to access data


eXate protect data on an attribute by attribute basis, allowing for the separation of application security from data security.


Unique in that the solution has been designed for micro data and global complex organisations with imperfect data, eXate provides data access controls to ensure that sensitive data attributes (such as names, addresses and passport numbers) are only viewed by the right people, at the right time and in the right geography.


eXate allows you to use technology to enforce your regulatory and internal policies on sensitive data.

What We Do

We are the “Ink Bomb for Data” and unlock value for data-driven organisations.


By keeping data privacy at the core of what we do, we enable firms to easily share data internally and externally in order to unlock its value.


We do this by tagging data with a digital Ink Bomb, which allows you to destroy data and revoke access on demand.

Use Cases

Metadata Management & Data Policy

Protect data on the cloud and in SaaS-based applications: digitisation of data policy, allowing it to be centrally queried and maintained while focusing on cross-border data transfers, internal policy and control of information

Testing with

Test with production data in non-production environments: quickly and easily test with a copy of production data that contains consistently protected values across multiple applications

AI Enablement &

Data Ethics

Train models whilst ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data


eXate win Regulation Asia 'One To Watch' Award 2018


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